"Masonry must be fun..."

Updated: May 23, 2020

"Masonry must be fun” I’ve heard it said.

Personally I prefer to use the word ‘enjoy’. We must enjoy our masonry; enjoy our contribution and participation.

Words have a different ‘feel’ for different people, but fun (to me) has the association of lightness, silliness and things not mattering.

I take my masonry very seriously.

This does not mean that I do not smile or find the occasional reason in Lodge or Chapter cause to chuckle.

It does mean that I spend hours learning ritual, and attend practice and rehearsal.

To deliver the 1st Degree Charge, is no fun preparing but those who hear it will enjoy a significant piece of ritual delivered well.

Our rituals deal with the most significant aspects of human life - truth, kindness, honesty, care and compassion, shining light into the darkest corners of existence.

We can enjoy the most serious of rituals, such as the 3rd degree (which is no fun at all!) and enjoy the quality of how it is presented.

Our meetings must give members a sense of significance :-

  • that what we do matters;

  • that we do it as well as we can

Hopefully our members go home feeling cheered, inspired; glad that they attended; fully intending to be at the next meeting; committed to doing whatever work is necessary for that meeting and willing and able to speak of their enjoyment to friends and colleagues - to bring others to enjoy the warmth of our fellowship...

and have some fun!

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