July/August 2020

The Covid19 pandemic had passed its spring peak though people were still isolating and some social restrictions on meeting remained. Our DC WBro Philip Titterton had sprouted an impressive amount of facial hair which was on display in our Zoom gatherings online. Due to pressure from the distaff side this growth was less luxurious at our Autumn gatherings.  

November 2020

The Autumn saw rising numbers of covid infections, hospitalisations and deaths after a drop across Spring and Summer. All Masonic meetings that we thought might be possible in the Autumn were cancelled. Severe restrictions were imposed on all sections of the population. It had been hoped to hold a restricted Installation in October but it was not possible to go ahead with this. We continued with our monthly Zoom Gatherings online which proved to be well attended and appreciated.

February 2021

Christmas has passed and the number of Covid cases had reached record levels. This was probably not helped by family gatherings over Christmas. New vaccines had been developed and approved and a mass vaccination programme launched to innocculate the adult population. The group to be inoculated first were the most vulnerable with plans to roll out the programme to all adult members of the population by the Autumn. 15 million vaccinations were planned to be delivered by the middle of February. The numbers of daily infections began to fall and the NHS hospitals which had come close to being overwhelmed just managed to scrape through.    

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14 February 2021

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7th April 2021 The vaccinations have been given to millions of people and the figures for infects, hospitalisations and deaths have reduced dramatically. As we approach the 12th April people are eagerly anticipating the reopening of pubs (outdoors), hairdressers and non essential shops.  It is proposed to vaccinate all of the adult population by the end of July and all restrictions will be removed. It remains to be seen how members will feel about the resumption of Masonic meetings later in the year. Meanwhile our Zoom meetings online continue to be well attended and are much appreciated. 

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