Lodge of Friendship No44

The Lodge of Friendship No44 traces it origins back to the Antient (or Atholl) Lodge No39 first meeting at St Ann's Church and Mitre in Manchester. At the Union of the two Grand Lodges on 27th December 1813 the number was changed to No59 and the name 'Lodge of Friendship' was adopted. The Lodge number was changed again in 1835 to No52 until the final renumbering in 1863 when it received the present number of 44. The present Lodge was revived in 1803 though it is possession of the 1755 Warrant. Members of the earlier Lodge are found in the revived Lodge and some arguments have been conducted as to continuity. 

Until the Union, Installations were held on St John's Day in June and December each year so in some years there may have been two different Masters in the same year.

Past Masters from 1755

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