The 'humble' pencil

The Pencil is but one of the ‘tools’ with which every Freemason is presented. At first sight it might appear to be the simplest, humblest and least regarded but there is much we can learn by consideration of its simple attributes.

The pencil may be thought to represent flexibility. Unlike words written in ink, the pencil allows what is written to be changed. Mistakes we’ve made can be erased and overwritten perhaps many times until the final design or composition is perfected. It can easily be re-sharpened, reused and re-tasked.

Life, like our writing or design is scattered with wrong turns, ill considered decisions; miscalculations and disappointments; rewarded, sometimes, by a gratifying progress after frequent revisions and reconsideration.

We often learn important lessons in life by the things that go wrong and cause us to stop, reconsider, and redesign. The G.A.O.T.U.’s school of preparation includes some strange classes. The pencil offers us new chances, new opportunities; new ways of being and working. Humble, the pencil is not.

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