Angels & Gargoyles

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

Grumpy Gargoyle

The masonic journey is symbolised in our Lodges by the rough and perfect ashlars - the rough ashlar, a formless stone taken from the quarry and the perfect ashlar formed into a carefully worked stone of true die, ready to be developed further in the hands of an expert workman.

However, the majority of stones, though precisely and carefully prepared, never become the richly carved and admired focus of attention but yet support and uphold the intricately constructed arch, the soaring walls, and fine towers. All these plain stones, in large numbers, give essential strength and stability to support the few intricately carved decorative stones.

Those amongst us that are raised up and given prominence and admiration should always remember that they are held up and supported by the plainer yet essential stones of their foundations, walls and pillars. The building would stand without decorative stones but without foundations the most intricate carvings have no purpose.

We are not all destined to be the delicate wings of an angel, maybe not even the frightening visage of an ugly gargoyle yet we all have a place and an essential contribution to make in our shared quest from darkness and ignorance to light, creativity and generosity.

John Winstanley

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